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Steampunk copper pipe

All steampunk copper pipe items are manufactured and designed by our resident steampunk artist based in our Cambridgeshire studios. Copper creations are manufactured using new copper material and fittings and soldered using lead free solder.

Custom designs and commissions

Something for every occasion and all our craftspeople are open to discussing any commissions with you. based on your own ideas. Should you require that unique one-off design, then please contact our sales team using the link provided on the ‘About’ page.

Fabric designs

Wheat bags or wheat warmers are a speciality design at our Emporium. Our design range include warmers in the shape of cats, dogs, horseshoe, square , heart, eye mask and many more. Each bag is carefully constructed and comes with full instructions for heating in the microwave oven or cooling in the refrigerator.
We are one of the UK's leading copper pipe steampunk designers, offering unique pieces manufactured to the highest standards. Custom designs and commissions are our speciality.
Our wonderful sewing team love nothing more than coming up with lots of different ideas using fabric from some of the world's leading textile designers. So, look out for our beautiful tote bags, children's toy bags, wheat warmers and lots more.
Our steampunk items include designs manufactured using copper, wood, brass and a number of recycled artefacts.
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