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  • A meadow's dream wine glass charm set

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    Why not make your tea party or summer BBQ even more wonderful with this set of magical silver drink charms, all based on Alice's Adventures through the Looking Glass. Your dressed glass could sit next to you while you lay in a lush green meadow, with the daisies around you, looking up at bright blue sky with the fluffy white clouds floating by. Each charm is set alongside green, blue and white crystals and silver daisies. Perfect for adding a delicate touch to your glasses, cups or mugs. The charms include: a mirror, rabbit, key, 'drink me' label, teapot and the royal suit of hearts from a deck of cards. We offer a few sets along this particular theme so please take a look at our three 'Wonderful tea party' sets and our 'Down the rabbit hole' set before you make your mind up.