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    CuppaCode offers a helping hand with those large drink rounds at work. Each time the cups are collected and taken off to the kitchen you can be assured that you will receive the correct drink in your own cup. Why not keep two charms in your desk - one to show how you take your tea and one for those days when coffee is your preferred drink. CuppaCode doesn't need to be restricted to the workplace. How about keeping your charms in your bag for those regular group meetings or coffee mornings round your friend's house and, just before we move on to how this works, if you have an order of ten or more CuppaCodes please drop us a quick email before you place your order, with the quantity you require, and we will send you a discount code.

    Step 1 

    Do you drink tea or coffee?

    Step 2  

    Choose your initials, name or nickname (maximum of six characters).

    Step 3  

    Do you want your drink black (no milk) or white (with milk)?

    Step 4  

    How many sugars do you take?