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  • Electronic component steampunk cufflinks (white breadboard)

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    The ultimate gift for anyone with a technical, computer, electronic or amateur radio background. These unique and eye-catching breadboard cufflinks, mounted onto silver-plated swivel cufflinks, are designed and handcrafted by our steampunk artist. Both hobby and professional engineers use 25-point breadboards to construct small electronic circuits during the early design and prototype stages, and each of our breadboards contain a number of electronic components such as integrated circuits, resistors and LEDs (although our LEDs do not light up). Each pair has the same component configuration however; pairs may differ slightly depending on component availability. 

    These cufflinks measure at 20mm wide by 15mm high by 30mm deep and come in a choice of colours - black, white, red, blue, lime green, orange and dark green, which can be purchased from our website. They are so unusual that they will not fail to attract attention and create an instant talking point. Our cufflinks are boxed and ready to give as a gift to someone special. If you would like to see our other unique products, please take a look over our website.