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  • Electronic flashing LED 3D Christmas Tree Project Kit

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    Get ready for Christmas with our electronic 3D flashing LED Christmas tree. Simply amaze your friends with this portable tree, which you can sit on your desk at work, use as a decoration at the Christmas Party, display as a high-impact decoration at home or give as a Christmas stocking or Secret Santa gift. 

    The Christmas tree is sold as a kit, which contains all the parts and instructions required to assemble this great electronic project. The kit is suitable for beginners and there is no need to understand electronics or read circuit diagrams, just a few assembly skills and the ability to make solder joints on small electronic components is all that is required. In addition to these components you will also require the following tools and items, which are not included in our kit:

    - a temperature-controlled soldering iron suitable for working on electronic circuits;

    - lead-free solder wire with a rosin based flux, available from any electronic component supplier;

    - a pair of wire cutters;

    - a pair of pointed pliers;

    - a small POZI screwdriver; and

    - three AA batteries.

    This project kit comes with all the electronic components, a glass fibre printed circuit board and a basic instruction sheet. 

    The tree is made from a glass fibre printed circuit board with the battery holder and batteries fixed beneath the base of the tree. This allows the tree to be a single free standing unit.

    The tree has 36 LEDs, which flash alternately between colours approximately every 0.5 seconds. A small switch is located on the base unit that allows the device to be turned on and off as required.

    Once assembled, the tree stands at 60mm depth x 60mm width and 135mm in height.

    The tree is also available ready-assembled and tested. Just add batteries and off you go! Please see our 'Ready-assembled flashing LED 3D Christmas Tree' page.