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  • Electronic Multivibrator Kit

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    The Electronic Multivibrator LED Kit is a project that comes with all the electronic component required, a glass printed circuit board (PCB), a seven page detailed instruction sheet and, once assembled, the completed board measures 25mm (wide) x 25mm (deep) x 15mm (high).

    The module requires a DC voltage anywhere between 3 and 9 volts. Once powered up the LEDs flash in an alternating pattern. To offer you some choice we have provided two additional LEDs in a different colour to the standard red LEDs already supplied in the kit. Our Electronic Multivibrator Kit makes a great gift for the electronics enthusiast and contains all the parts and instructions required to assemble this great electronic project, which also makes it an ideal kit for all beginners. There is no need to understand electronics or read circuit diagrams, you will simply need just a few assembly skills and the ability to make solder joints on small electronic components. Once assembled the working kit provides a great introduction to the working of a multivibrator and really helps to consolidate the theory side of things.

    In addition to these component you will also require the following tools and items, which are not included in our kit:

    - a temperature-controlled soldering iron suitable for working on electronic circuits;

    - lead-free solder wire with a rosin based flux, available from any electronic component supplier;

    - a pair of wire cutters;

    - a pair of pointed pliers;

    - a small flat blade instrument screwdriver; and

    - a 9V PP3 MN1604 battery.

    The kit is also available ready-assembled and tested, just add a battery and off you go. Please email us if you are interested in the ready-assembled product.